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This page will be updated once the fertiliser is available in nurseries and stores.  In the interim, please contact us directly.


Our Story

Rodney and pullets

Drumnadrochit Farm is a family run farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, producing point of lay pullets, Maggie Scratcher Barn eggs, Maggie Scratcher Free Range eggs and Maggie Scratcher organic fertiliser. We combine the best of the old fashioned, personal farming practices with up to date technology where needed.  

The birds arrive on the farm as Day Old chicks. The feed is formulated by a qualified animal nutritionist and is mixed on the farm. All of the feeding of the birds, and egg collecting are done by hand. This ensures that there are people in the shed multiple times a day, and the birds are checked each time. As a result the operation is labour intensive and an average of 30 people are employed on the farm. Each person employed supports an average of at least ten others.

The egg pack shed was designed and built in consultation with Q systems Food Hygiene and HACCP consultants, using the latest materials and technologies. Robyn Joubert recently wrote an article about the packshed for Farmers Weekly magazine

The Organic fertiliser is produced from the chicken litter and other green waste from the farm using technology imported from Biomax Technologies in Singapore.

For more details see the Eggs and Organic Fertiliser pages. You can also check the Egg Stockists and Fertliser Stockists.

The Story of Maggie Scratcher Organic Fertiliser.

Maggie Scratcher Organic fertiliser is produced with the same care and attention to detail that goes into Maggie Scratcher Free Range and Barn Eggs. In keeping with Maggie Scratcher’s care for the environment , the fertiliser utilises waste products produced on the farm reducing environmental impact. The unique process ensures that all harmful bacteria are eliminated from the fertiliser ensuring that it is as safe for you as it is good for the environment.


 After 14 years of trying to get my atrium to look like a lush green tropical forest, I fed with Maggie Scratcher Organic Fertiliser and Voila!, I have my Garden of Eden.


Janine Smith,


Why use Maggie Scratcher Organic Fertiliser?


  • Production is environmentally friendly - no pollutant byproducts
  • It is sterile - no pathogens or viable weed seeds
  • Minimal odour as it is produced by an aerobic digestion process
  • Contains N, P, K and micro-nutrients
  • It is an organic fertiliser so it promotes the growth of beneficial soil microbes and improves the soil health.  It also keeps feeding the soil in a slow release process for up to 3 years.


The Story of Maggie Scratcher and her famous Eggs.

Maggie scratcher lives with her friends in an open plan house that gives her plenty of space and sunlight. She gets to spend time scratching around with her friends and clucking about her eggs. When she feels broody she has a lovely traditional nesting box to retire to, and when she feels hungry there is plenty of lovely fresh food. This food is special because it is free from colourants and stimulants. So she only gets the best, most tasty food, whenever she is hungry. All this means that when you buy Maggie Scratcher eggs you are not only buying quality, but you are also buying into a way of farming that puts Maggie and her friends first.


 Why Choose Maggie Scratcher Eggs?

* The Welfare of our birds is top priority!

  • * The birds are with us from one day old.
  • *Our packaging comes from a factory which uses recycled pulp to manufacture the boxes/trays, and these in turn are recyclable.  The bedding in the sheds is recycled newspapers.

* No colourants are used in the feed; and this is why the egg colour varies sometimes, with the new season’s maize the yolks tend to be darker. We also feed freshly cut greens.

* Our feed is freshly milled and mixed everyday and most of the ingredients are sourced as locally as possible. It is free of animal by-products, and contains only grains and pulses with the addition of minerals and vitamins

* The birds live in large barns which are open sided to allow plenty of fresh air and sunshine and are able to scratch around and lay eggs in old fashioned nesting boxes, and have free access to food and water.

* Free rrange birds have access to an outside run and trees.

* As much waste as is feasible is recycled.  The shed litter and green waste produced on the farm is used to produce Maggie Scratcher Organic Fertiliser.

* The new pack shed was designed to meet HACCP requirements.


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